Client Spotlight: Mezcal Campante

Mezcal Campante prides themselves on making a spirit that is made for savoring and being truly present in the moment. Their mezcal has a smooth flavor, created through a slow and deliberate process.  It is a small-batch, artisanal, premium mezcal with rich, smoky tones and sweet aromas. Mezcal Campante makes their spirits an experience that can be enjoyed by all.

We’ve been working with Mezcal Campante since late 2020, preparing them for their launch in 2021. We had the honor to sit down with CEO and Partner, Shirley Leigh Wood Oakes, to talk about their mission and advice for other entrepreneurial brands.

  • What differentiates your products in the market?

We’re positioning ourselves as the premium yet attainable mezcal offering consumers a bottle with endless possibilities. Mezcal can seem like an intimidating category to dive into. Once consumers are given the opportunity to try the product, we’re able to provide them with a deeper understanding of the category. It was essential to us that our product maintained the same process used for an artisanal mezcal leading to a smooth and easy-to-savor liquid. We spent a great deal of time testing the liquid with different audiences to ensure we were hitting the mark and achieving our goal: to create a mezcal you could place in the center of the table and everyone around can find their way to enjoy and savor.

  • Is your brand doing anything new and exciting? If so, what is it?

Mezcal Campante is breaking the common misconceptions of mezcal and working to deepen the understanding of the category. We’ve brought a mezcal to market that can be easily enjoyed and savored. At first sip, it ignites conversation among family and friends and is at the center of the table for everyone to enjoy.

  • Why did you start working with MHW?

At Mezcal Campante, it’s important that we work with like-minded partners — those with similar values. Working with MHW gives our product and brand the attention to detail and hands-on approach we’re looking for. Our client team is fantastic. They’ve shown their dedication to the brand by supporting us on the everyday requirements to make this brand a success.

  • What is your advice for other entrepreneurial brands coming to the market in the US?

It will always take more than you realize. It’s important to remember and understand that it will require more time and more money than you think.