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The Three-Tier System in the US
Market is Complex

The three-tier system is the legal system for alcohol distribution in the United States. The three-tier system was set up after the repeal of prohibition in 1934 and was intended to prevent control of the full alcohol supply chain by any one individual or entity – a concept called tied-house. As a result, alcoholic beverages in the United States must flow through multiple entities in the tiers.

MHW is uniquely positioned to help clients efficiently navigate the three-tier system – find out more below!

Our background in the three-tier system has also informed our ability to deliver value to clients globally. Our deep understanding of the supply chain requirements of the US and global beverage industry allows us to provide value-added solutions and opportunities for our clients around the globe.

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MHW is a trusted partner and advisor to the global beverage alcohol industry. Learn more about MHW’s industry-leading insights and trend reports here.

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