MHW provides a full suite of professional solutions and back-office services to empower success in the beverage alcohol industry. Our expertise and focus on white-glove customer support yields superior outcomes for our clients - from case one to case five million.

Client Reporting Dashboard - Reporting and Data Analytics

Our Client Reporting Dashboard and Integrated Compliance Systems provide clients with real-time reporting and business intelligence on our services and their business. If we do it for you, you see it. 100% transparency without exception.


Our extensive regulatory knowledge across every market we serve enables you to go to market quickly with a trusted partner to navigate the compliance nuances on your behalf.


Global logistics and supply chain management are at the heart of what we do. Our team manages upstream and downstream workflows with leading vendors to provide smooth transportation and storage for your products.


MHW provides comprehensive management for your order processing and fulfillment in the United States, European Union, and globally – complete with a same day processing commitment and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Security of your funds and timely access to them are our chief commitments. MHW provides real-time, complete accounting services so you have transparent access to manage your business – and your cashflow.


Navigating the complex regulations and requirements to build a license infrastructure requires patience and expertise – MHW has both.

Working Capital& Financing

MHW provides clients access to a range of working capital and financing solutions to help them succeed.

Additional Services

Direct to Consumer

Access US consumers directly through MHW with Direct to Consumer (DTC) for wine.

Distribution to Retail

Sell directly to on- and off-premise retail customers in NY, NJ, CA, FL and throughout the EU.

Human Resource Solutions

US employee and sales services that enable you to execute in your target markets.

Depletion Reporting

MHW works closely with VIP and NABCA to provide you state-of-the-art depletion reporting.

Innovation & Brand Development

We help bring beverage ideas to life – ask us about our brand development service.

Advisory and Consulting

From start-up to exit, we provide advisory services across the entire beverage lifecycle:

Strategy & Growth

Merger & Acquisitions

Strategic Partnerships

Joint Ventures

Market Entry Planning

Financing & Exits

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