End-to-End Procurement & Supply Chain Management

MHW introduced our End-to-End procurement services in 2020. MHW optimizes your supply chain management by using our economies-of-scale pricing when sourcing all raw materials, liquid, and components. We also accurately forecast inventory of both raw material and finished product.

Managing beer, wine and spirits logistics in-house can often be uneconomical and unpredictable. For most producers, logistics is not a core competency. MHW is uniquely equipped to manage the complete lifecycle of your post-production supply chain.

For upstream and downstream workflows, our dedicated logistics team will work to ensure safe, smooth transport and top-tier storage for your products. If you sell or plan to sell within the US and EU beverage alcohol markets, we strategically organize and execute the movement of your products from origin of production to storage and retail. Our expertise is freight forwarder and carrier agnostic, so you can trust that we will develop the most convenient and cost-effective logistics solutions for you.

General Services

  • Supply Chain Optimization​
  • Supplier Handover​​​
  • Procurement ​​
  • Production​​
  • Forecasting/Demand Planning​​
  • Inventory Control​

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