Navigating the complex regulations and requirements to build a license infrastructure requires patience and expertise – MHW has both.

Our team will complete and maintain a licensing infrastructure for clients who choose to import, move, and sell alcoholic beverages under their own permits and licenses. Our team can manage a client-owned license ecosystem, as well as provide additional back-office solutions as requested.

We also provide best-in-class support for trade practice regulations, sample requirements, labeling and formulas, and distributor changes throughout the United State and European Union markets.

Our team has expertise obtaining, managing and renewing:

Licenses and Permits

  • Federal import permits and federal wholesale permits
  • State import licenses
  • Out of State Shipper permits
  • State wholesale licenses
  • State transportation and trucking permits

Sales Enablement

  • State distributor appointments
  • National chain account requirements
  • Solicitor permits and licenses, and representative permits
  • Trademark support – searches, filings, and challenges

Registrations and Reporting

  • Certificates of Authority
  • Surety bonds and tax reporting
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) facility registrations
  • TTB Certificate of Label Approvals (COLAs)
  • TTB formula approvals
  • State Brand Label Registrations

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