Imbibe Live 2022 Recap

Last week, MHW representatives attended Imbibe Live, a UK-based event that focuses on the entire drinks industry. Imbibe Live is an interactive, trend-shaping event that provides various opportunities for learning, tasting, and making connections. This year, foot traffic appeared to be lighter than last year, but it was still a valuable conference. Here’s what our Brand Execution Manager, Ian Perez, had to say about Imbibe Live 2022:

  • Gin, gin gin! London dry, premium gin, high ABV gin, flavored gin. Gin is massive in the UK, and there are submarkets for each type.
  • Other flavored spirits like tequila were popular. Tequila is considered a cheap spirit in Europe, mostly being consumed in nightclubs, but markets are opening up for premium options. Average consumers, however, seem to think flavors are more approachable.
  • Spirits associated with charities were also a common theme at Imbibe. Brands with proceeds going to either environmental or hospitality charities and foundations were the most popular.
  • Cold brew everything! There were a lot of cold brew whiskeys and creams. Jumping Goat was one of the best ones, and they are now being distributed by our good friends at VDSUK. They said this is a hot category.
  • Sustainable products, such as oat milk liqueurs, are also gaining traction and increasing in demand. Panther Milk deserves an honorable mention, with innovative packaging and impeccable taste.