Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022: Brands to Watch

On June 14th and 15th, MHW attended Bar Convent Brooklyn 2022, where we enjoyed networking with various premium spirit and mixer brands, as well as attending panel discussions and learning from experienced professionals in the industry. A number of our clients were exhibitors and impressed us with their passion and professionalism.

Brands to Watch:

Mezcal Campante has shown great creativity and innovation, not only in their small-batch, premium mezcal, but in their packaging as well. Mezcal Campante is one of few bottles you see presented wrapped in paper with the same labeling as the bottle underneath. The mezcal itself has light, smoky tones with hints of florals and citrus. They also recently won gold in the LA Spirits Awards!

Ghost Tequila proves to be a master of their craft with their 100% agave tequila. Not only is it high-quality, but it also ignites the taste buds with its infusion of real ghost peppers. Ghost Tequila is centralized around the process and culture of their brand, making it an experience instead of just a drink.

Hotel Chocolat is a British Cacao grower producing Chocolate Liqueur. Their world-renowned chocolate and consumer demand led them to create Chocolate, Espresso Martini, and Salted Caramel liqueurs. Their U.S. launch is slated for fall 2022, with high retailer interest.


Siponey has been making great strides in sustainability and their co-founders Amanda Victoria and Joey Mintz participated in a Bar Convent Brooklyn panel discussion about honeybee preservation. Our team enjoyed learning about sustainability efforts in different areas at this session. Siponey also recently became a certified B-corp!

Koch Mezcal creates an expert mezcal with a complex and traditional style. Their booth featured the history and heritage of several different mezcal expressions. Their ability to educate on their product was exceptional!

Chopin is a small-batch, family-owned producer of multiple spirits, including their single-ingredient, premium Polish vodkas. Chopin is one of only a few vodka producers to distill its own spirits; most vodka is acquired from a trading market. They showcased their award-winning portfolio in a classic, clean way.