Our Client Reporting Dashboard and Integrated Compliance Systems provide clients with real-time reporting and business intelligence on our services and their business. If we do it for you, you see it. 100% transparency without exception.

The Client Reporting Dashboard is a cloud-based platform built to work for you by providing 24/7 access to the information you need to make decisions for your business, identify and connect with new customers, and engage your MHW customer service team. A few of the many capabilities we provide our clients are:

  • Billback management

  • Order approval across customers

  • Compliance reporting for federal COLA and state brand registration status

  • New product requests and SKU management

  • Detailed reporting on sales, inventory, account management, and more

  • Invoice management, and tracking

  • Supplier purchase order management

  • Cash account reporting, including daily balances and activity

  • Full audit support for all activity, including expenses paid on your behalf

  • Monthly activity statement with a comprehensive view of your accounts

Interested in learning more about our reporting services or the ability to develop custom data feeds and EDI integrations with your existing platforms? Schedule a demo with us today.

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