National Association of Beverage Importers - Oppose the Tariffs on EU Wines, Spirits, and Beer

A message from NABI…

Now is the time to say “No” to the Airbus retaliatory tariffs and any expansion of those tariffs. Use this easy “click and comment” tool from NABI to submit a comment to the United States Trade Representative and reach out to your congressional representatives.

During the previous comment periods, USTR was stunned by the large number of comments received opposing retaliatory tariffs on wine, spirits, and beer/non-alcoholic beer. They need to hear again from a large public voice.

Share this link with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, employees, and fellow social drinkers here in the United States who paying the price of these harmful tariffs. Ask them to echo a resounding “NO.”

This easy link is on the NABI website under News on the Home Page.

Lengthier comment letters may be submitted as attachments on the USTR Portal for Public Comments through July 26, 2020.